Fellowship of Sts Cyril and Methodios
Братство свв Кирила і Мефодія
Mission and Education

About Us

The Ukrainian Orthodox Fellowship of Sts. Cyril and Methodios is a fellowship organization that includes both men
and women under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

Our Mission statement is as follows:

     · foster and promote an Orthodox consciousness among our members;
     · foster & promote the Orthodox Faith through various missionary endeavours,
     · foster and promote the ideals and traditions of our ancestral brotherhoods;
     · foster and promote the highest ideals of Canadian citizenship;
     · foster and promote Ukrainian Orthodox Liturgical music; and
     · aid Ukrainian Orthodox youth in the fulfillment of their aims and objectives.

Why We Were Organized

As Orthodox faithful within an ever-changing secular society, we are challenged to keep our faith and guard the
strength it brings to our families and community. Members of the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
saw the need for a spiritual group that would foster discussion, learning and community involvement in a modern
context. Thus, the Fellowship was formed and named for Sts. Cyril and Methodios whose principles - mission and
education - represent our goals.

Since our formation, the membership has actively worked to ensure a strong sense of fellowship and a strong
presence of Orthodoxy in our communities - both Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian. With great pride, we carry on the
tradition of living our Orthodox Faith.

What Our Fellowship Does

The Fellowship is a multifaceted organization. Our activities benefit our members, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
the Ukrainian community and the general community in the Toronto area.
Our activities have included:
     · monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers;
     · family retreats and conferences;
        volunteer community work including food drives and collecting clothing;
     · collecting medical supplies & equipment for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine;
     · organization and coordination of St. Stephen’s altar boy brotherhood;
     · Christian education and spiritual growth;
     · publications;
     · support of cultural endeavours; and much more.

How You can join

If you are interested in joining the Fellowship, please send us an email.