Fellowship of Sts Cyril and Methodios
Братство свв Кирила і Мефодія
Mission and Education

Student Bursary Program

Фінансова допомога для нашої православної mолоді

In 1998, the Fellowship initiated a program to recognize and financially assist our Ukrainian Orthodox youth in their academic endeavours.  The purpose of the Bursary is to enrich educational opportunities for Ukrainian Orthodox students and is awarded annually to one or more candidates who have met the required criteria and have demonstrated a commitment to foster the faith of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The Fellowship of Sts. Cyril and Methodios is dedicated to the concepts of life-long learning and entrusts the preservation of these concepts to the recipients of the Bursary.
Be a member of a Ukrainian Orthodox Church and/or approved by the local parish priest.  (If the applicant does not have the financial means to be a member of the parish but has been actively involved in the parish or community, then lack of membership does not preclude an application for the bursary).
Be a student at a recognized program of learning.
Be able to demonstrate active involvement in the Ukrainian Orthodox Community.  (Community involvement includes Ukrainian youth organizations such as Ukrainian summer camp, CYMK, etc.).
Be able to express or demonstrate how this award will benefit the applicant.
Be willing, if successful, to make a charitable donation to the Fellowship Bursary at such time as they become financially secure.  This provision is to help maintain the Bursary for future students.
Be willing, if successful, to acknowledge receipt of the Bursary by explaining how it has helped them and how it benefits the Ukrainian Orthodox community. The acknowledgement will be published.
Bursary Applications
Фінансова допомога для нашої православної mолоді
Open to all Ukrainian Orthodox youth

Download the Application in Word or
form fillable
PDF format.

Completed applications deadline is
May 31,2023

If you have any questions, email: bursary@scmfellowship.com